Orders are now being taken for our own DAED designed handheld Feedback Synthesizers .

NEW 2014 Version includes LED, Dedicated Ground, and CV in!!



The DAED Feedback Synthesizer is a complete handheld noise box the size of a guitar pedal. It contains two independently pitched Tones with are modulated by a number of  internal sources (including themselves) to create a variety of traditional and experimental electronic and noise oriented sounds.

The controls on the layout are simple yet the tones available are vast. This compact device was created by and with the input of experimental musicians to offer an easy to use, compact, and  powerful instrument perfect for using live or in the studio.








-Two Interactive Tone Generators 

 -  Photo Resistor Modulation Section (momentary and full on switchable)

  - Three Patch Points with Real-time Touch Sensitive Modulation.


- Separate switchable Low Range Modulation Section

 - Tone Modifiying Lowpass filter

 - Momentary and Full On/Off Playability

 - 9VT battery and/or AC Operation

 - 1/4” Output for merging with Effects, Amps, and Friends

 -  Dedicated Ground and NEW CV INput Jack for running from external sequencers, etc!





Ordering: Cost is $250 US plus shipping.  Each unit is indivdually handmade so

p lease email to get full ordering information and inquire about options.


Custom Graphics and Paint Options:

DAED stands for individuality. We encourage users to participate in the design of your own personal instrument.  Since each unit is handmade from case to completion we can order stock colors or  transfer custom graphics at no additional charge. 



We normally stock all black power coated cases but often have other colors available. 

We can order:   White, Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow,  or Violet



Each unit can also have a graphic at no charge:




Examples of Custom cases Additional Graphics, etc.:




Unique Painted/Multimedia Designed cases are available for an additional charge:






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